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Broken Toilets On A Second Floor A Property Managers Worst Nightmare

Nov 24

 When mechanical systems break down they can cause minor to major damage in a home. One of the worst scenarios is a broken water line on a second story, as the potential for damage throughout the property grows substantially. When toilets break the plumbers and water damage contractors can't get to the property fast enough to prevent thousands of dollars or more in damage in most scenarios.

Plumbing problems, water leaks, and other major plumbing issues can begin to wreak havoc on a home the moment they occur. The past couple of years have been especially bad, with plumbers and other contractors regularly seeing an average wait time of 12 hours or more before showing up to fix a problem (according to plumbers we surveyed).

When plumbers show up quickly they're often not prepared for the damage that's already occurred because of a broken toilet or water valve. Furthermore, if the plumber has to cut into walls and floors and replace piping it can exacerbate damages further by opening new holes in the house.

The type of property matters when it comes to determining how much damage can be done. A commercial plumber should be consulted in most cases when plumbers are required for multi-unit dwellings, which plumbers should probably be familiar with given that they're usually experienced at fixing large water leaks that occur in industrial properties.

The plumbers who specialize in damage restoration work will need to rapidly assess the scene and determine what can be saved and how much it will cost to fix everything up. There's always the possibility of hidden mold behind walls, floors and ceilings, which is why many plumbers recommend hiring a contractor within 24 hours or less of any type of major plumbing disaster (according to plumbers we surveyed).


Damage may not show itself immediately following a broken toilet, but after plumbers have been called in it's typically just a matter of days before plumbers recommend reconstruction. In some cases plumbers will be able to salvage parts of the property, but in most cases, plumbers can't save hardware or flooring and must replace all affected areas.

If a plumber is going to cut into any area related to a toilet repair he'll need all new piping and pipes put back in place immediately after that part of the work is done. The best plumbers leave things as they were whenever possible, which means that they usually take more time on the job due to needing more materials and supplies.

Costs vary greatly depending on how much needs to be fixed following water damage from broken toilets. In most scenarios, plumbers will be required to rebuild walls and floors, which plumbers typically recommend doing as soon as possible after plumbers show up.

Water damage costs will vary based on the severity of the water flow and how long it takes for plumbers to stop the leak and clean everything up. The longer a plumber waits before getting started on repairs the higher the damage cost is going to be - and there's also a direct correlation between time and mold growth (which can increase total water damage costs exponentially).

If you've got multiple broken toilets throughout your property or some other type of more severe plumbing issue call your local plumbers immediately following any water-related disaster so that they have the chance to prevent further damage. For property managers, plumbers are the only option when it comes to emergency repairs and other major plumbing issues.