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Nov 28

How to Kill Roof Moss


Although roof moss looks great in quaint cottages it can cause serious damage to your home and roof. Moss can cause damage to shingles and erode the underlying surfaces, which can lead to a loss of structural integrity. You may also be at risk for your health and safety. By being proactive about moss treatment, you can prolong the life of your roof as well as protect your family's health by hiring a Roofing company Marietta GA.


These steps will help you get rid of roof moss and make your house more affordable.


  • Roof Moss Controls that Work


Moss is attracted to cracks and crevices in roof shingles. These plants are low-maintenance and thrive in places where moisture accumulates, such as north-facing rooftops or tree-shaded roofs. Although moss doesn't require much sunlight or nutrition, it does need moisture. In humid areas with mild winters and foggy mornings, a little bit of moss can quickly become a major roof problem.


If left unmanaged, roof moss can grow into a thick and sturdy covering. Once established, moss acts like a sponge and absorbs moisture from the ground and top. This keeps your roof moist all year. Under shingle edges, Moss can grow and cause damage to the shingles. The damage can progress from shingles to rotten underlayments and frayed frameworks. Mold can spread through walls and cause damage to living spaces. Untreated moss can grow and spread to cracks and nooks.


  • Roof Moss Controls that Work

Roof moss should only be treated with roof-specific chemicals. Mosses don't look like other plants so home and weed treatments won't work. They can also cause damage to roofs. Keep grass moss-killing products on your lawn, but not on your roof. Many of the top lawn moss products contain iron compounds, which can naturally leave streaks of rust. Roof moss killers work quickly and effectively, without staining your roofs or corroding gutters.


Roof moss treatments that work effectively prevent moss from holding on to water the same way as lawn moss control. Roof moss becomes black and dies when it dries out. Roof moss treatments that are non-staining and highly effective are available in liquid and dry forms.


Roofs & Walks come in two forms: a ready-to-spray mix and a concentrate. These powerful roof moss treatments use ammoniated soap of essential oils to quickly remove roof moss. You'll notice results in just a few hours. Before using the product, make sure you read it carefully. Also double-check that it correctly identifies your gutter and shingle materials. Keep any plants that are below the roof level covered during application. Give the plants a good rinse if the product falls on them. Moss can be found on roofs that are covered with overhanging trees.


  • Roof Moss: How can you treat and prevent it?


Roof moss should be treated when it is still developing. Moss is slow to grow in the summer but explodes after the autumn rains, mild winters, and the early spring. Roof moss should be treated shortly before the fall rains reach their peak. The best results can be achieved if the moss has not dried out. However, rain is unlikely for at least a few days.


If possible, remove any extra moss using a rake and a broom. The top layers of dense moss protect the bottom layer from moss killers. Spray dry formulations along the pitched roof ridge where you can safely walk. Rain will wash the product off and cover the lower areas. To simply cover flat roofs and roofs that aren’t safe to walk on, use a sprayer-type pump to mix liquids.


  • Rain will sweep away dead moose as it dies.


To speed up the process, you can use a brush and rake. To prevent moss growth, treat your roof every year before it rains. Leafs and other debris should be kept off gutters and roofs as they trap moisture and encourage moss growth.


You might be able to save money on repairs by keeping moss off your roofs. Protect your family and investment by taking steps now to eliminate roof moss from returning.


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