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Key Benefits to Replacing Your Air Filter

Jan 11

If you've read about us suggesting replacing your furnace filter several times, the truth is that a lot of homeowners aren't aware that the furnace even has a filter! Oceanside Heating and Air Conditioning understands this and provides excellent service to make sure your furnace is running for. The cost of heating is low and comfortable home will be guaranteed by a happy well-maintained furnace for many years.


If the filter in your furnace becomes blocked, it will cause your heater to become infected. This will reduce the flow of air and place additional stress on specific parts. This means that your heating system will need to use more power to perform the same heat output, and you'll require HVAC repair San Diego sooner rather than later!


Why is it necessary to change air filters?


The most crucial component in an HVAC system is its air filter. They do more than just filter out dust and pollen that could otherwise be able to move through the home and reduce the quality of indoor air. They also act as the primary protection against any harmful substances entering the system. For instance the loose particles of insulation can cause fire hazards or damage. If you do not change the air filter often, your HVAC system may lose its effectiveness. The most frequent cause of HVAC malfunction is clogged air filters.


Let's review the benefits of replacing the filter in your furnace. This vital component of your heater is crucial and shouldn't be overlooked.


The Benefits of Switching your Air Filter


We know what happens to your air filter if you don't change it regularly. But what are the advantages of replacing it regularly? Let's examine the outcomes.


  • System efficiency has improved. The furnace can run better when it's getting fresh air that's not clogged with dirt or dust. The filter should be changed every 1-3 months to make sure that your furnace runs efficiently.

  • The efficiency of the furnace increases. A furnace with an unclogged filter will have more air inflow, making it more efficient in its task. If you have been experiencing problems with your heater's output it is likely to have greater performance. Families who have heaters that are nearing their expiration date may notice dramatic modifications.

  • Better air quality. The default air filter cleans your home's air and filters particulates before they cause damage to the interior of your furnace. This means that impurities that were previously cycling through your home can be collected and removed with new air filters in your furnace.


How do I change an air filter?

If you're not experienced with furnaces, changing or cleaning the furnace's filter can be a straightforward task. It is necessary to conduct an investigation to find out what type of filter your furnace has and the size it has. After you've decided if it's time to clean or replace it, there ought to be a panel located near the blower in your system or the intake of the ducting in which it is possible to slide a filter into and out.


It shouldn't take very much time to replace your filter. Some models require a new filter, while others just require a short rinse before inserting the filter. When replacing the filter on your heater be sure that it's in the right direction. There are usually arrows pointing towards the direction that it should be facing.


If you need help with the replacement of your air filter get in touch with the experts at Oceanside HVAC. It is a name you can trust.

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