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How To Prepare a Piano for Moving

Jan 12

It's an excellent method to save money and embark on large projects. One of those tasks appears to be the relocation of a piano. Many people believe that the only thing is required to move a piano is a muscle but maintaining it is just as crucial.


Everyone knows that a piano is made up of 88 keys, did you know that they often contain more than 10,000 parts that move? It isn't easy to move such a delicate, heavy, and complex instrument without destroying it, and professional musicians are the best to carry it out safely. It is possible to do it yourself, but it requires planning and assistance.


Here are the steps needed to move a piano.


1. Take measurements of the new space.


Verify that the piano's dimensions are appropriate for the new place. Make sure to measure the doorways, space, and staircases to make sure there's nothing that will hinder taking the piano to its new residence.


2. Make sure you have all the necessary tools for the job.


You'll require piano accessories like harnesses, dollies, and cushioning at the absolute minimum. The piano you play on the equipment you require will differ.


To play the upright piano you will need piano dollies.

You'll require a specific piece of equipment called a piano board or skid board for moving a grand piano. This board will require additional strapping and padding as well as being suitable for your piano.


3. It is essential to identify the right size moving truck.


Take a list of all important items such as your piano and calculate the dimensions of the truck you'll need to move.


4. Clear the way.


Clear passage between the exiting area and the new residence is important.


5. Look at the path that you are on.


If you must take the piano down or up, check the stairs to support the instrument's weight before you begin.


6. In accordance with the type of piano that you have, you'll need to take it through a number of steps:


The move of an upright piano requires that the piano dollies are strong enough to hold the weight of the piano. Transferring a grand or baby grand piano: Before you move a grand or baby grand piano, you should remove the legs. To attach the instrument to the piano's board piano, you will require straps as well as a screwdriver (described in the previous paragraph).


7. Place the piano into the truck first. Make sure it is securely fastened.


The piano should be among the first things loaded onto the truck. To prevent the piano from moving throughout transport, use straps and ropes.


8. You should tune the piano as soon as you've completed the movement.


Even if everything goes well moving a piano might result in it losing its tuning. Prepare to get it tuned to its original tune after the move but some experts suggest that you wait for a month.


When you are moving your piano, be aware of a few issues. The information you have learned will help you safely and correctly move the piano yourself. Here are some common blunders to beware of:


  • Pianos can be massive and heavy.


It's impossible to put the piano onto a scale in order to assess the job. How can you figure out the amount of weight the piano weighs? This can help you determine the best way to move when you are crossing tight hallways, curves, staircases, and even doors.

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