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Why Gutter Maintenance is Actually Really Important

Jan 13

Although cleaning your gutters may not be at the top of your priority list when it comes to home maintenance or renovations but it is vital to protect your property. Gutters channel rainwater off the roof, down to the drain, and away from the structure, thus avoiding potential structural damage. Gutters that are blocked or damaged are costly to repair.


What does gutter cleaning entail? What is the reason why gutters become blocked?


It could be the fall of leaves as well as moss, twigs, and other materials that have accumulated over time. Leaves can be blown over the roof and fall. Leaves can stick to floors and gutters after they have gotten wet. Rainfall can get stuck in corners and downpipes.


Leaves decompose and form a fertile compost over time, providing an ideal environment for breeding seeds as well as weeds and moss which are blown up onto your roof or dropped by birds. These invasive plants can overtake your gutters and downpipes If left unchecked, they will block the flow of water, plugging the downpipe, and causing rainwater build-up and possibly overflow. The winter months should ensure that your gutters are maintained so that water flows freely and not be damaged by snow or ice.


Gutter cleaning with the help of professional gutter cleaners is a must. Our professional gutter cleaning vacuums are a great alternative to gutter cleaners as they offer essential gutter cleaning San Diego services.


How come the moss is growing on your roof?


Because they love water, they are members of the algae family both lichen and moss thrive in dark, humid places. Because of this, the buildings that face north or are surrounded by overhanging trees receive less light, thus preventing the roof from drying up completely. Moss begins to grow in wet regions over time.


Have you ever thought about why moss is growing on roof tiles' edges? Water cohesion is the sticky characteristic that permits water droplets on your windows to form. Rainwater adheres to the edges of roof tiles as it passes through the roof tiles. The water held in roofing tiles may become humid that is ideal for the growth of moss if it's not dried out. The water can get through the tiles on the surface, which makes it perfect for the growth of moss.


Does moss have the potential to cause damage to your roof tiles?


Moss functions as sponges and absorbs water, preventing your roof from drying. Your home is at risk if damp gets on the roof and tiles. This is particularly true in the winter months when water can freeze on the stone or tiles. The water expands when it is frozen. This can cause tiles to crack, chip, or raise in size, leaving them exposed to the elements.


Moss draws birds because it offers a secure refuge for them. The birds eat the soil and then dislodge it in the process, causing it to fall into the gutters and causing potential blockages.


Can gutters that are blocked cause the destruction of your home?


Yes, if they are not addressed promptly, they can result in expensive property damages. Rainwater damage can cause decaying fascia boards and water damage to walls, windows, and ceilings, in addition to foundation and insulation problems. Water can seep through the interior walls if left untreated, creating moisture and mold spores. The cast iron, pressed steel, and plastic gutters need to be regularly inspected and maintained to ensure water flows freely and that there is no debris that could block them.


What are the signs my gutters could be blocked?


Make use of an umbrella to inspect your gutters when it rains. Are there traces of water flowing along the outside of the structure? Or are they leaking, overflowing, or sagging? These signs may indicate that your gutters are clogged. It's a good idea to have your gutters checked if you have to scrub up fallen leaves in your garden or driveway.


What's the best method to wash my gutters?


It's a good idea to engage an outside cleaner to ensure your home is protected. There's no need for ladders as one operator can clean up to four floors while remaining safe on the ground. So, no matter if your home is surrounded by difficult-to-reach gutters like those above a conservatory or a garage.


Do I need to clear my gutters on a regular basis?

This will depend on the surrounding of your property climate, the weather, and age. Check overhanging trees, particularly pines, and properties with mossy growth often to ensure that the gutters aren't clogged with debris, particularly following severe weather.


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