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Car Tinting FAQ: How long will it take to tint car windows?

Feb 3

When you're considering getting tinted car tint windows San Diego for the first time, the most commonly asked question is how long it will take. In addition, since there are so many factors to take into consideration, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Let's look at just a few.


What is the number of Tinted Windows?


As with other aspects of life, the more windows you have, the longer it'll take. The number of windows in your vehicle and the number of them is too tinted will significantly affect the amount of time required to tint your automobile windows. A typical four-door sedan can take anywhere from 90 minutes to 2 hours to tint the windows, whereas minivans and SUVs may require four or more hours. However, if your windows are bigger than normal or the vehicle is small and the installers do not have enough space to work in, smaller vehicles may take much longer to tint.


The Windows Have Been Tinted Before

If the windows of your car are already tinted, and you're converting to another tint or replacing scratched or damaged tinting films, the process of tinting may take a bit longer than normal. To ensure that no adhesive residue remains, tint installers will first need to remove any old tint from the glass. They may only begin adding the new color once they have clean and dry glass has been cured. It's dependent on the age of the tint and the number of windows that need to be tinted.


Seasonal Aspects

Even in a closed or protected space, the amount of duration of tinting your car's windows could be affected by the seasons. Depending on where you live the months of spring and autumn are the best times to tint your car's windows. The milder temperatures and lower humidity are the primary reasons. Heavy temperatures do not cause window tints to be more difficult to install; however, excessive humidity will, and freezing temperatures cause the tint to cure more slowly. The curing time of newly applied window tints is two-fold. The first is a time following the film has been put on. This means that you'll need to wait for the film to cure before you are able to drive your vehicle.


The second step is to let the film dry for two to three days. You are able to drive at this point, but don't open any newly tinted windows. When it's cold outside, the drying times could increase, and you'll need to wait longer to drive your car. Additionally, you will not be allowed to open your windows for longer than three consecutive days. It won't limit your ability to tint your car windows during the middle of summer. This is simply a sign that you must allow extra time for installation.


Visit a Windscreens & Tinting shop or any other service center or business near you, and talk to one of our knowledgeable auto tint experts to find out how long it will take to tint the windows of your car. You will get a time estimation that is more precise and takes into account all of the variables. This allows you to anticipate when you take your car to us for tinting.

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