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Types of Windshield Cracks and When to Replace One?

May 25

Bikers that ride on roads or roar from the distance can save animals. Your windshield is showing small scratches, dents, and cracks. Glass is glass. and Glass is broken. We will now concentrate on cracks in the windshield. They're very serious. Let's have a look at the various types of cracks first.


Cracks in the Windshield


  • Crack with a Bull's eye


This is the most common crack that occurs when a small pebble hits the windscreen. The impact results in the shape of a circle and can cause a tiny bit of glass breaking off.


  • Ding Crack or Star Crack


The Star Crack is another typical crack. This crack can be caused by sharp particles on the windscreen or rocks. The impact creates a star-shaped cavity, and glass fragments break off. If not treated the star crack could get worse.


  • Break in the Combination


Combination breaks may occur when an object that is sharp or another object strikes. This is the result of a combination of the bull's-eye cracks.


  • Cracks at the edges


The edge crack is a crack that is located within 2 inches of the windscreen liner. The crack can grow from small to huge if it isn't treated. In India, it is the most common issue in automobiles. The length can vary from 10'' to 12'', and in some instances, it can be even higher.


  • Cracked Floater


This crack is very similar to the edge crack, with the exception that it starts two inches away from the windscreen's liner.


  • A crack of the Half Moon


Half-moon cracks are like a Bull's Eye crack in that it chips off a glass piece however, it's semi-circular instead of circular.


  • Cracks due to stress


Stress cracks are the kind of cracks that are not visible to our fingers. To diagnose a stress crack, you'll need to use a ballpoint pen to mark it.


Fun fact The cause of stress cracks is caused by rapid temperature changes instead of impacts. For example, a vehicle that has been covered in snow should be washed with cold water. When hot water spills, it will raise the temperature creating a stress crack.


Let's determine if cracks can be repaired or if a replacement for the windscreen is required after having established the types of cracks.


Do you require repairs to it or replacement?

Yes! Because the windshield is made from laminated glass, it is possible to fix it. But the same cannot be said for the car's other windows. It is easier to repair cracks thanks to advanced technology. Keep in mind that specific needs must be fulfilled in order to repair a windshield. When restoring the front windshield, trained technicians to consider the size, depth, and location. Take the vehicle to the nearest glass repair service on the beach and inform them that it's feasible to fix.


Larger cracks may be more challenging to repair, while more minor chips and dings can be fixed easily. Margin cracks, as well as deep fractures, are challenging to fix. Additionally, cracks that are difficult to fix or tarnish vehicles' appearance tend to be replaced more than being repaired.

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