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Do I Need Permit For a New Roof?

Aug 11

It is possible to wonder whether you'll need an approval if you are planning to put up a new roof on your home. This article will cover reasons why you might require a permit, such as the case of homeowners or an owner of a Homeowner's Association. Also, you'll learn about the exemptions from the requirement for the permit. You'll also learn about exemptions to the need for a permit.

A permit might be required by homeowner associations for roof reconstruction

In some instances, homeowners associations may require a permit for roofing. This is only the case in the case of a small involvement of the homeowners association in the construction. If that is the case homeowners should be sure to go over HOA rules to avoid violating the rules and being forced to do the work again or pay a substantial fine. The paperwork for HOAs should clearly outline the standards of the work being done to improve.

Plywood or OSB sheeting damaged

Before you install an entirely new roof, be sure to understand the differences between OSB and plywood sheeting. OSB is made of layers, or cross-layers of wood that are glued together under high pressure. Although plywood is generally heavier than OSB however, it is more robust and doesn't suffer from deformation caused by the presence of moisture. It is also less expensive than the cost of plywood.

The cost of a plywood or OSB sheeting replacement may cost a lot, but the cost is lower than the problems caused by sheathing that is rotting. In addition, by changing it, you'll prevent further damage in the future. Check with your contractor to determine if it's necessary to replace the material that covers the roof. A damaged roof could cause additional expenses and hassle.

Trusses damaged

Before replacing or repairing the roof trusses that are damaged You should employ a reputable roofing contractor. These experts are insured, licensed and knowledgeable about the local building code. They can efficiently complete the repairs. Before you make a decision take three estimates on truss replacement or repair. Check to see if the contractor is included all labor and materials in the estimate, or ask for references.

A contractor will need an building permit to make major repairs, like walls studs or trusses. Apart from trusses this permits electrical and mechanical work. While some roof repairs and modifications don't require permits, other roofs do require permits. Based on the severity of damage, permits might be required for repairs that are major. A permit to install roofing repairs can cost anywhere from $300 to three thousand dollars.

Exemptions from needing the need for a permit

Before you can start your project, you'll need a building permit if you plan to add the roof. Some projects, like adding a new roof, may be exempt from the requirement to obtain the building permit. Section 101.2 of the Building Code lists the types of projects that need the approval of a permit. You should check with the local building department to determine if your project meets the requirements.

If you intend to complete the work by yourself, a permit for roofing replacement is necessary. The permit assures that your work is legally permitted and won't result in fines or illegal construction. Also, it will ensure that your work is in line with building codes that are accepted standards of quality. Licensed roofers will make sure that the work is in line with the standards of the industry. It's a good idea to consult a building inspector before you start any roofing project.

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