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Car Wash and Detailing Bel Air MD

Oct 1

Car washing and detailing is essential to maintain the value of a vehicle and its potential sale value. The Mirror's Edge offers mobile detailing as well as full-service car washing services in Bel Air. We provide services to keep your car looking stunning and sparkling.

M1 Detailing

M1 Car Wash and Detailing Bel Air is an established Bel Air institution that has been in operation for more than four years. They provide a range of services, including painting correction and clay finishing. It provides top-quality work at affordable costs. It guarantees 100% satisfaction of customers.


Mirror's Edge provides a variety of services to keep your vehicle looking the most attractive. The trademark triple-coated polish will protect your vehicle for the entire year, and is guaranteed by writing. After an extensive car wash, an exclusive cleaner is applied. Once the dirt is removed the vehicle will then be cleaned and waxed with professional methods. To ensure maximum protection, a sealant added to the wax. The exterior finish of your car is completed by applying the triple coat polish once the wax is dried.


The Mirror's Edge provides full-service car cleaning and detailing. This is an excellent method to protect your vehicle's value. Detailing services for cars will aid in preserving and increasing the value of your car's resales. Additionally, you can avail the services of mobile detailing. The Mirror's Edge is located in Bel Air, MD and provides detailing and car wash services.


The Mirror's Edge provides a range of services that will meet your requirements, whether you require a quick wash or an extensive one. Prices start as low as a few dollars for a simple wash , and increase to $350 for a high-end detailing service. To save money you can choose the services offered on an ala carte basis.

A basic car detail and wash service includes the washing, vacuuming of the interior and polishing, aswell trimming, window cleaning, tire washing, and window washing. You may also opt to upgrade to a more thorough detailing service for a cost for larger vehicles. The basic package should cost at least $150, however larger vehicles might require a little more.

Simoniz hot wax

Simoniz products have been the standard in automotive maintenance since the early 1900s. They can be utilized to boost the worth of your vehicle cleaning and detailing business. They can help safeguard and clean the most important parts of your vehicle. They're safe for the customers cars, and are sure to make you satisfied.

Simoniz Hot Wax & Shine provides your vehicle with a shiny appearance. The majority of Gold, Platinum, or Diamond washes come with this service. It's highly hydrophobic, which stops contamination from adhering to painted surfaces. Simoniz Triple Foam Conditioning soap is a cleaner and shields paint.

Bug A'Salt

Bug A'Salt is the most effective detailing and car wash service in my area. Bug A'Salt makes use of cutting-edge technology to cleanse the front of your car of salt and bugs. It makes it more clean than it has ever been. It can also be used to wash the running boards and wheel covers.


Meguiars car wax does not contain carnauba, but it does contain polymers and silicones. They aren't as efficient in protecting your car's surface. To ensure maximum protection, consider applying the Gold Class or Ultimate wax. It is necessary mix the Meguiars car wax slightly before applying it to your car.

Meguiars has been offering car maintenance products that are specifically designed for over 100 years. The company provides a broad selection of products that can be used to take care of your vehicle such as detailing and waxing. Meguiars is a reputable brand for cleaning products for cars that are suitable for show cars and for enthusiasts. Meguiars has made certain that their products are made with the best ingredients that will give your vehicle the best appearance.

The Hyper-Wash's dilution rate is 400:1. It is perfect for use in professional. It is able to foam in the electric pressure washer or even a cannon that costs $20. Another advantage is the soap's neutral pH. Hyper-Wash is a great option if you do not have the money for costly car wash soap.

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