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The Essential Guide To Fixing Your San Diego Garage Door Problems

Feb 1

Let's face it; we depend on our garage doors a lot. We use them every day often multiple times throughout the day. They can cause a serious issue when they start acting up. However, there are quick and simple solutions for the most common garage doors San Diegoproblems. Read on to find out more.


1. The Door is Off Its Tracks

If the garage door is off its tracks the first thing you'll need to do is examine the track for any obstructions or debris. Once you've cleared the track, gently press it back into position using the mallet made of rubber. If this doesn't work the track could require replacement.


2. The Door Won't close completely

If the garage door won't close completely There are two possible causes The close limit switch needs to be adjusted or the opener's photo eye sensor isn't in the right place. To adjust the close limit switch, simply move the knob until the door is closed all the way. Cleanse the lens to align the photo eye sensor and position it in line with the carriage of the garage door opener.


3. The Door opens on its Own

If the garage door is opening without effort There are two possible causes: either something is blocking the photo eye sensor or the security settings on your garage door opener needs to be adjusted. Clear away any obstructions that could be blocking the lens of the sensor. If that doesn't accomplish the trick, then either you or your trusted garage doors San Diego professional need to adjust the security settings of your opener using these steps:


  • Hold the "learn” button on the opener for minimum 30 seconds, or until the indicator light flashes.

  • Place the remote in your hand and hold the remote in your hand until the indicator light turns on.

  • Release both buttons and after that, press and release only one of them--the one that determines whether your door moves up or down, twice.

  • The indicator light should now remain steady instead of flashing. If not you can repeat the steps until the indicator light is.


4. The Door is Too Far

If the garage door opens too far it is likely that one of your cables have become loose or has been damaged. This is an easy fix: simply tighten the loose cables or replace any damaged ones with ones that are of the same size and strength. Make sure to balance your springs. Too much tension can cause problems later on.

5. The Door Is Noisy

If your garage door is making more noise than usual There are two steps you can take to reduce the noise: first, check all the bolts and nuts to make sure they're in good condition; second, lubricate all of the moving parts using WD-40 or another similar product. This is usually able to resolve the issue quickly.

6. The door is slow

There are many reasons your garage door could be opening slower than usual It could be because something is obstructing one of the rollers. If springs have been operating for more than 7 years, this could be an indication that they're starting to wear out and require to replaced. In any event, if you think this could be part of the problem get in touch with a garage doors San Diego professional right away--garage doors are very heavy and could be dangerous if they're not functioning correctly!


There's a solution to every issue that arises with garage doors. Hopefully, this article has provided you with some tips that you can apply when your door begins getting agitated. If you are unsure then you should contact a professional garage door San Diego company. They'll be able to help you diagnose and solve whatever issue you might be experiencing.


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