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Apr 23


Concrete has been used for a long time and has become an extremely popular building material. This should not come as a unexpected to anyone, since concrete has many advantages that are hard to find similar to other materials, like brick or wood. It's also a budget-friendly building material too. Some think that concrete appears dull but stamped or stained concrete can add a sense of character to the surface by incorporating your personal design choices.

About Us

If you're searching for a concrete company that offers reliability and quality, you should consider Lakeland Concrete Contractors. We provide services for both commercial and residential customers through every step of the process from start to finish , including making sure that all of our work is completed legally and according to Florida laws. Our skilled team has been in business for several years, which allows us provide excellent customer service along with high-quality construction projects within budget.


Lakeland Concrete Contractors Lakeland Concrete Contractors a well-respected business with top-quality service for construction to Lakeland, Florida. This covers sidewalk installation, patio construction, as well as other projects which require cement as a key component of the process.


We are committed to only providing high quality products at competitive rates because we know how important the investment you make when you contract us for certain types of projects.


At Lakeland Concrete Contractors, four principles define our company professional, high-quality, Safety & Integrity . Our dedication to these four core values has enabled us to provide an exceptional service across all phases of construction.


Lakeland Concrete Contractors Lakeland Concrete Contractors are veterans who have years of experience. We can build anything from driveways to sidewalks and our services will never exceed your budget! It's an economical option with durability that lasts after construction is done--guaranteed. Do you have any future concrete needs? Take a look at Lakeland Concrete Contractors for all your concrete-related needs.




Our Services


Concrete Patio

The concrete patio can be the perfect place to enjoy time with your loved ones and family by sitting back, cooking, dining, or doing so much more. The beautiful patios We create are made of plain stamped concrete or stained concrete that is resistant to the physical strains that come with a daily basis. This means you can extend the time you spend outdoors, and also reap physical and mental health benefits for yourself.

Concrete patios are a great addition to any backyard. It's an outdoor living space that is not just for one particular season throughout the through the year! Based on your budget, you can construct or tear up a variety outdoor patios. They include stamped concrete, decorative stone pavers, the outlines of bricks, or even tile designs

Concrete Driveway

The driveway is usually the first thing that people will see when they visit your property Therefore, making sure it is in good condition will be crucial. A stained and discolored driveway could deter a buyer off the property or cause embarrassment in front of family and acquaintances. Our driveways in concrete last for a long time and are extremely resistant to wear and tear. Plain or stamped designs are available.


It's time to say goodbye to mud and puddles, hello to effortless driving with the assistance of us in Lakeland Concrete Contractors Co. We specialize on constructing high-quality concrete driveways that are durable enough to withstand the toughest weather conditions.

Concrete driveways can last up about 20-years. The benefits don't end with their longevity. They also can be extremely durable and able to withstand the weight of heavy loads without cracking and breaking apart. This makes them ideal for those searching to find durable flooring options for their property, whether outdoors or indoors.

Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete is a relatively modern technology and it's growing in popularity. Stamped cement has all the advantages that make concrete so popular (strength as well as durability) however, it's distinguished with an original design that provides an entirely new aesthetic for the designs. The stamping design gives an attractive appearance that's similar to paver stones or different patterns that can be created according to the requirements of your.


Our stamped concrete installation service is a construction process utilized to add color and texture to concrete. Concrete contractors are concrete contractors. We make use of specialized tools, equipment as well as concrete mixes to make patterns on the slab's surface. This technique adds more appeal than normal concrete surfaces because of the variety of colors it can be created with.


Concrete Foundation Repair & Installation

Have you ever attempted creating something with no foundation? Anything from an above-ground pool to your own small home. It's tough work and eventually it will collapse onto the one submerged - trust me. We're here because of that.


We can fix any type of crack in the foundation of concrete (and they are available in all shapes and sizes! ) and other issues like water damage or cracks that caused the flooring beneath them to become unstable , or even cave in completely.


Concrete construction and foundation repair generally go under the radar, but concrete work is an integral part of what you will see around the city. When we're installing a new sidewalk or driveway most people don't think much of it because they are very commonplace in daily routine. However, if there is an issue with the foundation supporting those structures, everyone takes notice.

Concrete Resurfacing

Are looking to renew your concrete?

Resurfacing your concrete can make you money in the long term. With concrete resurfacing, you won't need be concerned about potholes damaging your vehicles in the future. Also, you won't be facing this issue with future valuations on the property you own since resurfacing enhances the appearance of the property and therefore, the value of the home.

There's no reason to live with that unattractive surface anymore! Contact us to begin today!


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